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The Dungeons Of Doom
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Thursday, July 24th, 2014
5:48 pm
NetHack LIVE videos
I'm starting to make LIVE NetHack videos at my youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/gameglaz

My first video:

Please subscribe! I'll be very glad to have chat with you, guys & gals!
Friday, January 20th, 2012
10:11 pm
Tonight’s adventures in Nethack

One of the side effects of userinfospazzkat playing all this Skyrim here at the Murk: I’ve totally gotten back onto a Nethack kick.

I had a great game going, and fired up the save file from yesterday’s run tonight. I was in Sokoban and died horribly, like ya do, ’cause, well, Nethack. I proceeded to have the following conversation with userinfokisanthe:

userinfoannathepiper: I’m in the middle of Serious Nethack May Be Serious
userinfoannathepiper: Level 11 character currently in Sokoban
userinfokisanthe: Ooh! Hope it’s the Bag of Holding Sokoban.
userinfoannathepiper: SHIT DEAD
userinfoannathepiper: Hallucinating and burdened and surrounded and then a damn incubus started taking my armor off!
userinfoannathepiper: Also, it was the amulet of reflection sokoban!
userinfokisanthe: …okay, that’s not funny, but it is funny.
userinfoannathepiper: It was, really ;)
userinfoannathepiper: I was cheerfully sneaking through the final treasure room killing monsters one at a time and then a damn black light went off
userinfoannathepiper: And then suddenly HELLO EVERYBODY AWAKE!
userinfokisanthe: You’d think a *black* light wouldn’t wake everybody up!
userinfoannathepiper: So I backed into a corner and started shooting everything in sight, until the incubus showed up!
userinfokisanthe: So, assuming the black light affected the critters it woke up too… you died naked in a big murderous hallucinatory orgy?
userinfoannathepiper: Yeah pretty much XD
userinfokisanthe: Best way to go! ;)

And now in my current game, I was hungry, so I whipped out a tin and discovered it contained pickled dwarf. There I am nomming it, and the next monster I see? A dwarf. And all I can think is AWK-WARD!

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Sunday, October 30th, 2011
4:57 pm
Infamous Offense!
So this last game I was doing pretty well, but then when I sacrificed a werewolf corpse on the co-aligned altar in minetown I got the message "You'll regret this infamous offense! The altar is stained with human blood. The priestess of Tyr gets angry! You feel that Tyr is displeased. The priestess of Tyr wields a mace..." and she proceeds to utterly butcher my character.

I can't find anything in the spoilers about that particular message and I don't know what I did wrong -- it was a co-aligned (lawful) altar I had already sacrificed and prayed at. Any ideas?
Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
2:43 pm
If Irish musicians played Nethack

It has amused me for a while now that in the vast repertoire of tunes available to Irish musicians, several of them have vaguely SF/F-nal names, like “King of the Fairies”, “Queen of the Fairies”, and “The Elven Cloak”.

That last one in particular, though, got me thinking of Nethack thanks to my propensity for playing Elf characters. Which, of course, led me to wonder about other hypothetical Nethack-themed Irish tune names! Such as:

  • The Surly Shopkeeper
  • Farewell to My Pet Cat
  • Gold in the Bag of Holding
  • The Cursed Loadstone Lament
  • The Polymorph Trap Jig (this one would definitely change keys AND time signatures between the A part, the B part, and the C part)
  • Yet Another Stupid Death Reel
  • The Elven Boots
  • The Infravision Jig
  • Izchak’s Magic Lamp (That I Stole in Minetown)
  • The Vibrating Square
  • The Lich That Cursed My Broadsword
  • Road to Gehennom
  • Drowsy Maggie Needs Sleep Resistance
  • A Luckstone to Banish Misfortune
  • The Succubus Washerwoman

Anybody got any others?

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Saturday, July 30th, 2011
12:38 am
So I guess illness from Juiblex doesn't just wear off on its own over time. Just assumed it would like everything else, so didn't bother to check the wiki. YASD.

Best game I've ever had. Previously made it to the castle only once, died a crazy death in the valley of the dead. Died on Medusa's level countless times before. This time I was four levels deep in Gehennom! Very exciting. Then there was this Master Lich that kept summoning nasties and I thought I was dead, but no - had a ring of teleport control and about a bazillion teleport scrolls. Used these to camp out on the up stairs, which just happened to be conveniently located at the end of a dead end hallway in the maze. Let the monsters come to me one by one and was making excellent progress until I stepped off the stairs to see what items had piled up.

Mr. Lich went up the stairs, cast a bazillion nasties up there -- in a big room, so no convenient hallway for safety. But I was going back and forth, up and down, again making good progress clearing things out, though I couldn't kill the damn Lich - he kept resisting my death wand and my polymorph wands, the jerk. Finally got ingested by Juiblex, so I rushed down the stairs to recover. Was follwed down by a few things, so I killed them off...

and then stupidly mashed on the . key expecting to just ... well, recover from my illness. YASD.

Now I know, next time, apply one of my 5 stupid unihorns... bah. How disappointing. I almost cried.
Monday, February 28th, 2011
1:35 pm
Help Requested!
I've been playing for a long time, but am a very impatient player which does not lend itself to actually doing well in this game. For the first time, I have made it down to Medusa! But from reading others' posts here, I think I am missing a lot of key ingredients (in particular levitation, but perhaps also greasing my cloak or other things that I am not thinking of). Wondering if anyone would like to give me advice :)

Lawful, male, human monk. Xp:12/25327
I'm currently on DLVL 19, Medusa is on 21.
Purchased protection twice, plus know the protection spell and not bad armor enchantments, so generally I'm at -14 AC when I use the spell at its max.
HP:104(104) Pw:63(76) St:16 Dx:18 Co:16 In:10 Wi:16 Ch:11

I am a grand master of martial arts, and know clerical spells (which is just protection, because it's the only spell I know) to Skilled level (which is my max). In theory, I know "healing" to basic, except that I found a spellbook of healing and tried to read it with disasterous results. Basic crossbow skill, though I haven't found any crossbow bolts since before sokoban, so it's been a while since the crossbow left my sack. Everything else is unskilled.

The only store I've found on the way down was on DLVL 4, a book store, so not that useful for price IDs. There was a general store there, but it didn't have anything useful and I didn't have much stuff way back then. I bought all the candles from Ichchak but there were only 6 and I've yet to find another. There were a few levels I went through quickly and perhaps didn't look hard enough for a store (though i dont' remember seeing any of the normal store messages, but maybe I wasn't paying attention (I feel foolish!). So I can go back and check.

Found plenty of chaotic and neutral altars (well, I think 4-5 total altars) but no lawful, so no holy water as of yet. The one in minetown was neutral. I did donate twice to a random priest I found on level... 12? ish. And got 3 points of protection from that. Might try to get some more if I can get some more gold.

I have the amulet of reflection from sokoban and also an amulet of ESP, so I've been switching them out off and on to figure out what is behind walls or in dark hallways.

I have no bag of holding, and my starting strength was 14 (currently 16, despite what I felt was lots of boulder pushing) so I am pretty much continuously burdened (bad, bad, bad I know, but I don't know what to get rid of or where to leave it!!)

I have a large dog named Sparky who has been with me for quite some time.

I have not done the quest yet (because I read somewhere that the monk quest is super hard and it's better to wait until you are higher levels, though I'm not sure how high, exactly, and maybe I'm safe now). I also did not make it all the way down to the bottom of the mines - well, that's not true, I made it down the stairs into the last level, and there were too many nasties and I wasn't prepared, and barely made it out alive. My thought is I should go back up and get to the bottom of the mines, and perhaps attempt the quest? I've never tried the quest before so I have no idea what I'm up against. Done mine's end many times so that should be fine, I guess, though the level of the monsters down there will be pretty high now I suppose.

I am a little concerned because a few levels above where I am now .. maybe level 17? There was an incubus, and my character being male he wasn't interested in being friendly. We sparred for a while, and then he summonsed a TON of nasties. So I slipped on my teleport control ring and read a scroll and sent myself over to the downstairs (which I'd already found, thankfully), blew my magic whistle and descended. I haven't dared to go back up since. But perhaps it is required so I can get to mine's end and the quest.

And hopefully in that time I will find the things I need to defeat medusa? I do have a spellbook of Levitation that I tried to read long ago but it failed (but at least the book did not disintegrate like the healing one did!). Maybe I can try reading that again now to help with medusa. If only I knew the potions of polymorph and paralysis, I'd be happy to just try the random potions I have lying around in my inventory, because one is surely levetation (though risky, because it can run out). I do need a mirror, though, I had one a long time ago from a nymph but I threw it out because it was heavy and I never expected to get this far. Or does my amulet of reflection work for this? But I still need to use my blindfold, right? And then I can't see, because I have the reflection amulet instead of ESP. Or maybe I'm just confused. I suppose I also need to find a way to grease my displacement cloak in preparation for eels (which I have never faced before).

Edit: I locked myself in a closet and read the Levetation book. It "worked", but has a 100% failure rate for casting the spell, so not useful. Also in the meantime a 3 appeared (I have warning) heading down the hallway toward my current room, and I cannot see what it is using ESP. I've saved and logged out now and probably won't play again until tomorrow, or maybe late tonight.

Thoughts? Any other information you'd like to know?

current inventory, skills, abbreviated list of things I recognize.Collapse )
Sunday, February 27th, 2011
5:27 pm
The Adventures of Natil the Elf Ranger, Part 3 and DEAD

In which our heroine does get the Amulet–but doesn’t even make it out of Gehennom once she has it. AUGH. Farewell, Natil the Elf Ranger, and may your passage into the West be smooth sailing!

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
7:48 pm
The Adventures of Natil the Elf Ranger, Part 2

In which our heroine really hasn’t played Nethack in a long time, because she forgot an easy way around her whole Crap I Don’t Have a Means of Levitation problem–and in which she finally clears not only Fort Ludios, but also the Castle and Medusa as well.

This being last night’s Nethack adventures!

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Monday, February 21st, 2011
12:38 am
The Adventures of Natil the Elf Ranger, Part 1 and counting

It’s been quite a while since I’ve played Nethack–and I’m kind of surprised that on a day that ISN’T a full moon, I’ve got a serious Ascension candidate!

Short form: Natil the Elf Ranger has completed the Quest and is now seeking a ring of levitation so that she can finish Fort Ludios. She’s currently at Exp. level 16, HP 114, and AC -38! Thanks to early wands of wishing as well as other lucky finds she is armored for bear, with gray dragon scale mail, speed boots, gauntlets of dex, and a shield of reflection. She’s armed with her original elven dagger as well as the Longbow of Diana.

Wish her luck, folks. Details for the Nethack geeks behind the fold!

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Thursday, November 11th, 2010
5:53 pm
NetHack Wiki has moved
Update your bookmarks, the NetHack Wiki has moved! The new address is http://nethackwiki.com/.

The wiki used to be on Wikia, but most of the active admins got annoyed by their recent skin and TOU changes, so it's now on the same server as the alt.org nethack server.
Sunday, October 31st, 2010
9:55 pm
DevNull tourney starts in 5 hours
The annual tournament over at http://nethack.devnull.net/ starts in five (and a bit hours)! I'm kind of psyched, though I won't be able to participate in the KoL challenge this year, as I'm trying to get ready for a bad moon run. I suppose I could just create a new character just for the devnull tourney. :)

Anyway, go check it out!
Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
5:25 pm
Hello out there.... ?
This place is dead. No posts in almost 6 months? Well, let me try to stir up a little bit of activity.

I'm working on writing my own Roguelike and decided to take a break from it and play Nethack instead. (So far my RL can draw rectangular rooms and connect them and you can walk around them. That's it. And it took me 4 hours just to do that.) I rolled up a Monk.

Can anyone advise me on the best sort of armor for a Monk? I don't want to use heavy stuff and impede my Martial Arts, so I'm assuming I'm limited to robes, gauntlets, cloaks and shirts. I have a Hawaiian Shirt already, so I know to enchant that up to +7 whenever I can.

Current game progress under hereCollapse )

And that's that!
Monday, April 19th, 2010
12:58 am
Four for four.
I've ascended four times since I installed nethack on this laptop. All four times, I've hit the right temple on the first try. I'm not going to the same temple each time, just whichever takes my fancy...I've been to each one at least once. I thought after three, I was surely due for one of those "it's the very last one and I'll have to repeatedly fight all three Horsemen" games.

Funny, the first one is still my highest score. I wasn't paying attention; I wonder how I did it. Since then I've been actively trying to beat it without success. What did I *do*??

But hey. Whoo! Another ascension! I can put nethack away for a week, maybe even a few, before the siren call drags me back again.
Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
1:03 am
That was quick...
And it's over. Lured the angry Watchman up a level figuring I'd deal with him after I could teleport at will. Go back to Minetown and check out Izchak. On my way, I see a Woodland Elf quaff a potion of invisibility.

I come out of Izchak and it kills me. I got overconfident and thought, "I only have half HP, but I can still kill the Elf without using my Wand of Death."

No, no I couldn't. YASD.

I really want to like Wizards, but I always suck so hard with them. I'm gonna play Valkyrie next, I think.
Monday, October 19th, 2009
2:27 pm
An update...
I picked up my ancient game of Nethack (on dlvl 2) running a wizard with great starting equipment. Wand of Death, Ring of Polymorph Control, Magic Marker, few other useful things. I didn't start scrum, either. Just crazy luck of the draw.

So, I adventure down to about dlvl 7 and decide I should go to the Mines to get some daggers, as I hadn't come across a single one yet. I start working my way through the first Mine level and fall into a trap, which shoots me to Minetown. I end up on the altar, actually. Non aligned. Annoying, but there IS a coaligned altar on dlvl 2. (I tried sacrificing for Magicbane, but my God refused to give it up, so I decided to come back later when I had a means of generating monsters.) I ended up using a charge of my Wand of Death on a Jaguar that had me down to 8hp. My feeling is it's better to survive a low level encounter than die with a charged Wand of Death I was saving for Rodney. I forgot that Death Rays bounce, so it almost turned into a YASD, but it stopped just short of me.

Now, my problem is this: Without my pet (who is probably feral by now), I'm not tough enough to get back up to the regular dungeon. I've tried getting through several times, but end up retreating. I'm level 7 now. I gain the ability to teleport at will at level 8 if I have Teleportitis. I'm thinking I can just teleport around the level until I get near the exit. That'll be easier since I have a scroll of magic mapping.

Also: I ended up killing a snake with a force bolt, the force bolt hit a Watchman and he's mad at me. Bad things will happen if I kill him (not Chaotic), so I don't see that as an option. I've never angered a Watchman before, so I'm not sure if they're all mad at me. I might be willing to take the loss of Telepathy if I can kill him (probably with my wand of death) without angering everyone else in Minetown. Also wondering if a Wand of Death would make it easier to convert the Minetown altar, though I've only converted an altar once (in my ascension last year) and don't remember exactly how.

I'm only on turn 5400 and I've had to pray when Weak 3 times now. So I'm lacking in food also. Despite the good start, I'm running into some serious (for me) problems. We'll see how the rest of the game goes. If I can make it back to the main dungeon, I should be okay even without my pet.

More updates coming, of course.
Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
1:59 am
Dare I dream of ascension?
I've been playing Nethack on and off since 2001, never yet succeeding in
even getting to the Amulet, far less ascending. But yesterday I booted
up a random character, drawing a neutral gnomish Ranger, and... well.

Shall we say I got very lucky with three bones piles, such that even
after a /oCanx mishap with my first BoH I've still made it all the way
to the bottom?

I'm now back up to DLvl23, toting (as far as I know) everything I need
to win the game with me. But this is so much further than I've ever
reached before that I'm taking a breather, and hopping on here for some

I know there's a recommended ascension kit, but I've a feeling I may be
lacking some vital bits of it -- particularly after taking an unintended
dip in the moat around the vibrating square on my way back up which has
wrecked a lot of my scrolls. Never having made it to the Planes I'm a
little vague about ways and means there.

So I throw myself open to your tips and recommendations! Thanks in
advance from...

Klepsie the Archer St:25 Dx:15 Co:18 In:15 Wi:17 Ch:9 Dlvl:23 $:0
HP:135(135) Pw: 137(137) AC:-29 Exp:22 T:43008
Inventory 'neath hereCollapse )
Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
12:36 pm
Tourist Ascension
Yet another ascension post, details behind cut
ascensionCollapse )
Friday, May 8th, 2009
1:03 am
Just think!
My promising Barbarian game ended in a YASD. I decided to see what happens if you read a spellbook while hallucinating. What happened? An air elemental appeared next to me and killed me. I didn't even get a turn to act. Whoops.

So, I decided to start a wizard, even though I'm awful at Wizards. What do I see in my starting inventory?

c - A Wand of Death (0:5)

.... are you serious, Nethack?

A bit further down:

n - a magic marker (0:80)

Now I know you're screwing with me, RNG. Note I did not start scrum or anything similar. This is just what I got. I also started off with a Scroll of Magic Mapping and a ring of Teleport Control. The _only_ thing that would have made this complete is if I had a scroll of identification. But yeah, I'm dying gloriously in this game, I know it.

My mantra for this game is "BE CAREFUL AND THINK YOU IDIOT!" I did have an amusing image appear in my head of a Gandalf-like wizard running down a corridor waving the wand of death yelling "DIE DIE DIE!"

I'm half expecting to find a Gnome with a wand of wishing in the mines.
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
8:58 pm
Wishing for artifacts
I've never wished for an artifact before. I've gotten them via #offer and a Naga dropped Grayswandir once, but that's it. I'm thinking it might be worth it to wish for an artifact soon, but not sure what. As a neutral barbarian, I already have Cleaver, will get the Heart of Ahriman from my quest and will hopefully manage to be crowned and get the vorpal blade. I'm thinking maybe the Eye of Aethiopica is worth a wish? Not sure. I'd like a decent weapon that Barbarian can get to Expert in. However, seeing as that's axe, short sword, 2h sword and hammer, that doesn't leave much. I have Cleaver. I guess I could go for Mjollnir, but that's more of a Valkyrie thing. As far as I know, there are no artifact short swords or 2h swords. If I'm going to use a weapon I can't get expert in, I guess I mind as well go for Grayswandir. Or maybe Frost Brand since I won't get zapped when equipping it.

Any advice?
Friday, May 1st, 2009
9:29 pm
My game...
Getting back into Nethack after months off following my first ascension. (Every game I played was crappy. Dying almost immediately.) RNG gave me a Barbarian (same as my first ascension, haven't played Barbarian since my ascension.) Neutral this time instead of chaotic, though. I hear the artifacts are better as a Neutral. Will miss Stormbringer a bit, but things tended to get chaotic with Stormy around.

Found a bag of tricks in Minetown, brought it to a neutral altar on dlvl 2 and sacrificed until I got Cleaver. Ran out of charges, otherwise I would have continued. Not much of interest happened before Minetown, so I'm starting there. I do love Cleaver. My cat died fighting the Watch Captain. I can play Barbarian well without a pet, so I don't mind too much. Lost my armor on the way out after being bit by a werewolf. ("Werewolf isn't bad, I'll shrink down and my armor will fall off." No, it actually was destroyed. #monster as a wolf, #pray and lookie here! I have a pack of Wolves as pets now! Turns out they were too hard to control so I left them in the Mines.) Found some more dwarven mithril and continued on.

Read a scroll which I felt sure was genocide. No, it's punishment. Crap. Picked up the ball and threw it at things as an amusement, but that got old fast. Finally went to Sokoban (with the intention of using a sokoban boulder to crush the ball), realized there's no way to maneuver that on level 1. Got the scrolls of earth, left sokoban and dug a hole. Read a scroll of earth. Boulder falls down into the hole and frees me. Yay!

AC of 0, not great but okay since I'm still meandering around dlvl6 and 7. Found a throne room on 7 and the throne IDed every item I had on me. Nice! Put on the ring of slow digestion that I got IDed and satiated myself. I should be good for a long, long time now. Also have conflict and regeneration, two very useful early rings also. (Conflict more so than regen. Sokoban treasure room is quite easy with conflict. As I recall, Astral Plane was wild with conflict on.) Accidentally ate a corpse while satiated. Luckily survived it, should keep me full even longer now.

Cleared out the rest of Sokoban 1, gonna clear out the rest of the maze tonight and then do Mine's End. Want that luckstone.

So, not much happening yet. 10,000 turns, level 10. Highest possible skill in Axe & Dagger. Game seems to be shaping up nicely. I'm hoping to make a good run, though not optimistic enough yet to think this may be ascension #2. (To be honest, when I cleared the castle out last time, I realized I was going to ascend. I'd never been that deep before in the game, but I was positive I was going to ascend. Turned out to be right. Had to break my no spoilers rule to do it, though. No such rule is in effect this time. No feelings on ascension, though.)

More later this weekend after I played more.
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