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The Dungeons Of Doom
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Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

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Dare I dream of ascension?
I've been playing Nethack on and off since 2001, never yet succeeding in
even getting to the Amulet, far less ascending. But yesterday I booted
up a random character, drawing a neutral gnomish Ranger, and... well.

Shall we say I got very lucky with three bones piles, such that even
after a /oCanx mishap with my first BoH I've still made it all the way
to the bottom?

I'm now back up to DLvl23, toting (as far as I know) everything I need
to win the game with me. But this is so much further than I've ever
reached before that I'm taking a breather, and hopping on here for some

I know there's a recommended ascension kit, but I've a feeling I may be
lacking some vital bits of it -- particularly after taking an unintended
dip in the moat around the vibrating square on my way back up which has
wrecked a lot of my scrolls. Never having made it to the Planes I'm a
little vague about ways and means there.

So I throw myself open to your tips and recommendations! Thanks in
advance from...

Klepsie the Archer St:25 Dx:15 Co:18 In:15 Wi:17 Ch:9 Dlvl:23 $:0
HP:135(135) Pw: 137(137) AC:-29 Exp:22 T:43008
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